WorldCoin Registration Online Guide + Link

World Coin Registration Online Guide + Link

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to register for Worldcoin and get your World ID:

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a project focused on distributing a cryptocurrency with the goal of achieving universal basic income.

They utilize a custom device called the “Orb” to scan a person’s iris, ensuring that each individual only claims their share of Worldcoin once.

How to Register for Worldcoin

  1. Download the World App: Available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) in supported countries.
  2. Find a Local Worldcoin Operator:
    • World App Map: The World App includes a map to help you find the nearest Worldcoin Operator. These operators run Orbs and assist in the verification process.
    • Worldcoin Website: Visit the Worldcoin website ( and check for available Orb operators in your location.
  3. Orb Verification Process:
    • Visit the Worldcoin Operator’s location.
    • Follow the Orb operator’s instructions to complete a quick iris scan (this does not store images of your eyes).
    • If successful, you’ll receive your unique World ID, verifying your status as a real person who hasn’t registered before.

Important Considerations

  • Supported Countries: Worldcoin is gradually expanding its operations. Check if it’s available in your country first.
  • Privacy: Worldcoin prioritizes user privacy. Iris scans are converted into mathematical representations; the original image is not stored.
  • Age of Participation: The specific age required to receive Worldcoin and verify with an Orb may vary from region to region, depending on local legal regulations.
  • Data Safety: Since apps involve collecting some personal data, ensure you understand Worldcoin’s data usage practices and how they protect your information.

How to Use Your World ID

  • Access Web3 Applications: A World ID can be used for signing into numerous applications (like Discord, Reddit, etc.) without revealing your identity beyond proving you’re a unique person.
  • Claiming Worldcoin: Once distribution begins, the Worldcoin website will have information on how to claim your Worldcoin allocation using your World ID.

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