How To Get Free Telkom Bundles in Kenya

How To Get Free Telkom Bundles in Kenya

Data costs can be a significant burden, especially for those on a tight budget. Fortunately, Telkom Kenya, one of the leading telecommunications providers in the country, offers various ways to acquire free data bundles, enabling you to surf the internet, stream videos, and stay in touch without breaking the bank.

This comprehensive guide will explore the various methods to obtain free Telkom bundles in Kenya, empowering you to maximize your connectivity without incurring additional expenses.

How To Get Free Telkom Bundles in Kenya

Method 1: Telkom Mobile App Promotions

Telkom frequently releases exclusive promotions and offers through its mobile app. These promotions often include free data bundles as rewards for app usage, such as registering for an account, participating in surveys, or referring friends.

To take advantage of these promotions, simply download the Telkom mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store and keep an eye out for notifications and in-app advertisements.

Method 2: USSD Code Prompts

Telkom periodically activates special USSD codes that provide free data bundles upon dialing. These codes may be promoted through social media, SMS messages, or in-app notifications. To check for active USSD codes, simply dial *844# and follow the prompts.

Method 3: Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Telkom actively engages with its customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, frequently hosting contests and giveaways with free data bundles as prizes. To participate, follow Telkom’s social media pages, keep an eye out for contest announcements, and fulfill the participation requirements.

Method 4: Refer-a-Friend Program

Telkom’s refer-a-friend program rewards existing customers for recommending the service to their friends. When a friend signs up for Telkom using your referral code, both you and your friend receive free data bundles.

To participate in the program, simply visit Telkom’s website or mobile app and locate the refer-a-friend section. Share your unique referral code with your friends and invite them to join the Telkom network.

Method 5: Customer Loyalty Rewards

Telkom values its loyal customers and often offers rewards for their continued patronage. These rewards may include free data bundles, bonus minutes, or discounts on other Telkom services.

To ensure you’re eligible for loyalty rewards, make sure your Telkom account is registered and up-to-date. You may also receive exclusive promotions and offers based on your usage patterns and customer profile.

Telkom Kenya Plans That Comes With Free gifts

Telkom Kenya offers various data bundles to its customers at affordable prices. However, there are also ways to get free Telkom bundles in Kenya. Here are some methods to get free Telkom bundles:

1. Freedom Bundles

Telkom Kenya offers Freedom Bundles that give you free WhatsApp and free calls, as well as free 60 minutes talk-time and 50MB on WhatsApp every day. These bundles are available in daily, weekly, and monthly options. Here are the details of the Freedom Bundles:

Daily Freedom Bundles

  • KSH 10 DATA 70 MB + 700MB Night bundle
  • KSH 20 DATA 200 MB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 50 DATA 700 MB + Free WhatsApp + Free Telkom Calls
  • KSH 60 DATA 700 MB + 700MB Night bundle
  • KSH 100 DATA 2 GB + 2GB Night bundle + Free WhatsApp + 60 Telkom Mins
  • KSH 50 DATA 5 GB (10 pm – 6am)

NB: Free WhatsApp is only available for Daily 200MB, Daily 700MB, and Daily 2GB bundles. Free Telkom Calls are only available for Daily 700MB and Daily 2GB Bundle.

Weekly Freedom Bundles

  • KSH 50 DATA 350 MB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 100 DATA 750 MB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 250 DATA 2.5 GB + Free WhatsApp

NB: No free Telkom calls.

Monthly Freedom Bundles

  • KSH 250 DATA 2 GB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 500 DATA 5 GB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 1000 DATA 12 GB + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 1000 DATA 30 GB 1 GB Daily
  • KSH 2000 DATA 30 GB + 2GB Night bundle + Free WhatsApp
  • KSH 3000 DATA 50 GB (10 pm – 6am) + Free WhatsApp

NB: No Free Telkom Calls.

2. Telkom Free Internet

Telkom Kenya offers free internet to its users on a daily basis. To get free Telkom bundles, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Dial 44458# USSD code on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Select option 1 and click on ok to fully subscribe to free Telkom bundles.
  • Step 3: Press connect to enjoy your free Telkom data every month.

This method helps you get 1GB free Telkom data on a monthly basis.

3. Free Telkom Bundles Every Weekend

Telkom Kenya also offers free Telkom bundles on Fridays to welcome you to the weekend. To get this free Telkom internet bundle, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Dial 5441*3# USSD code.
  • Step 2: Select option 1 to get your free Telkom bundles.
  • Step 3: Confirmation message will be sent to you in a few seconds.

Enjoy your Friday by dialing 5441*3# and browse with freedom using free Telkom bundles.

4. Mzito Bundles

Telkom Kenya offers Mzito Bundles that give you free data, minutes, and SMS. To subscribe to Mzito Bundles, dial *544# and select the Mzito Bundle plan that suits you.

5. Transfer Telkom Bundles to Another Number

If you have extra Telkom bundles, you can transfer them to another number. Here is how to transfer Telkom bundles to another number:

  • Step 1: Dial *140# on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Select option 1 to transfer airtime.
  • Step 3: Enter the recipient’s number.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount of airtime you want to transfer.
  • Step 5: Confirm the transaction.

Additional Tips for Securing Free Telkom Bundles

In addition to the methods mentioned above, here are some additional tips for increasing your chances of obtaining free Telkom bundles:

  • Follow Telkom’s social media pages: Stay updated on the latest promotions, contests, and giveaways by following Telkom’s official social media accounts.
  • Subscribe to Telkom’s email newsletter: Opt-in to receive Telkom’s email newsletter to be notified of exclusive deals and offers directly to your inbox.
  • Engage with Telkom’s customer support: If you encounter any issues or have questions about Telkom’s services, contact customer support. They may provide you with personalized offers or incentives as a gesture of goodwill.
  • Participate in online forums and communities: Join online forums and groups dedicated to Telkom Kenya. Members often share information about hidden promotions, unused codes, and other opportunities to get free data.
  • Be patient and persistent: Free data bundles may not always be readily available, but by following these tips and staying vigilant, you’ll increase your chances of securing them.

Remember, Telkom’s free data bundles are designed to enhance your customer experience and encourage continued patronage.

In conclusion, there are various ways to get free Telkom bundles in Kenya. You can subscribe to Freedom Bundles, use Telkom Free Internet, get free Telkom bundles every weekend, subscribe to Mzito Bundles, or transfer Telkom bundles to another number.

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