Latest Worldcoin Password Reset Guide

worldcoin password reset

Here’s how to reset your Worldcoin account password:

Important: Worldcoin doesn’t have traditional passwords

Since Worldcoin focuses on verifying you as a unique person through your iris scan, it doesn’t use a traditional username and password system. However, depending on what you mean, here are the main options:

1. Resetting Password for Linked Applications:

  • If you’ve used your World ID to sign into another application (like a web3-enabled platform), and that application has its own password, you’ll need to reset your password directly within that application’s settings. Worldcoin doesn’t manage those passwords.

2. World ID Reset (In Extreme Cases):

  • World ID Reset should only be considered if you completely lose access to the device where your World ID is stored, or you suspect it has been compromised. This invalidates your old World ID and requires you to re-verify with an Orb. Here’s how:

If you’re having trouble accessing a specific service connected to your World ID, here’s what to do:

  1. Check the service itself: Look within the application or website where you’re trying to use your World ID. They might have specific instructions or support contacts.
  2. Worldcoin Support: If the issue is not specifically linked to an external service, you can reach out to Worldcoin support. Find their contact information on their website or in the Help section of the World App.

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