Latest USSD Codes for NHIF

Latest USD Codes for NHIF

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Kenya has introduced a USSD code that allows users to access various selfcare services. This code, *155#, can be used to register as an NHIF member, pay monthly contributions, pay penalties and arrears, and select a hospital of your choice for the main member and dependants. In this blog post, we will explore the different USSD codes for NHIF and how to use them effectively.

NHIF USSD Code for New Members

To register as an NHIF member, dial *155# on any phone toll-free. After registration, you will receive an SMS with your NHIF member number. This number will allow you to access NHIF selfcare services, including:

  • Payment of Monthly Contributions
  • Payment of Penalties and Arrears
  • Selection of a Hospital for the Main Member and Dependants

USSD Code for Checking Your NHIF Status

To check your NHIF status, you can send a text message with the format [ID {space} Your ID Number] to 1550, by dialling *155#, or use the ‘My NHIF’ App available on Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to request your NHIF status, although this service may take a while as it requires a human correspond to check your details.

NHIF Pay Bill Number

With effect from December 8, 2023, all NHIF payments through mobile money platforms shall only be made through the Government Pay Bill Number 22222. NHIF members and employers are advised to use the following account numbers for payments:

  1. Member contribution (NHIFM-ID NUMBER e.g. NHIFM-112344)
  2. Member Penalty (NHIFP-ID NUMBER e.g. NHIFP-112344)
  3. Employer Contribution (NHIFE-ESlip NUMBER e.g. NHIFE-11233)
  4. Employer Penalty (NHIFEP-EMPLOYER CODE e.g. NHIFEP-1123)


The NHIF USSD codes provide a convenient and efficient way for Kenyans to access and manage their health insurance services. By using these codes, you can easily register as an NHIF member, make payments, check your status, and update your beneficiaries. Remember to keep your NHIF member number handy for easy access to NHIF services.

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