How to Write a Commitment Letter to TSC + Sample

How to Write a Commitment Letter to TSC + Sample

A commitment letter to TSC (Teacher Service Commission) is an important document that outlines your dedication to working as a teacher after completing your studies. Writing a strong commitment letter is key to securing sponsorship for your studies.

Components of a Good Commitment Letter

A good commitment letter should include the following key components:

The Basics

  • Your full names
  • Your ID/passport number
  • Date of writing

Details About Your Studies

  • The course you are pursuing or intend to pursue
  • The institution where you are studying
  • The duration of the course

Your Commitment

  • A clear statement of your commitment to work as a teacher upon completion of studies
  • Specify the number of years you commit to work (usually 5+ years)
  • The region/county/constituency where you are willing to work

Personal Details

  • Home county
  • Home constituency
  • Sub-county
  • Village

Sample Outline

Here is an outline you can follow to write your commitment letter:

1. Introduction

  • Greetings/salutations
  • Briefly state the purpose of the letter (commitment to teach upon completion of studies)

2. Details About Your Studies

  • Course name
  • Institution name
  • Course duration

3. Your Commitment

  • Clear statement committing to work as a teacher after studies
  • Number of years you commit to teach (5+ years ideal)
  • Preferred regions/counties/constituencies you can work

4. Personal Details

  • Home county
  • Constituency
  • Sub-county
  • Village/estate

5. Conclusion

  • Reiterate your commitment
  • Thank TSC for the sponsorship
  • Provide contacts (phone, email)
  • Sign off with your name

Dos and Don’ts


  • Stick to the recommended outline
  • Research the ideal number of years to commit
  • Provide accurate personal details
  • Use clear, formal language
  • Proofread before submitting


  • Miss out any key components
  • Overcommit what you cannot fulfill
  • Provide false information
  • Use casual language

Sample TSC Commitment Letter

Below is a sample commitment letter with the key components:

download jpeg


Teacher Service Commission

P.O Box Private Bag-00100


Dear Sir/Madam,


I, John Doe, ID number 12345678, do hereby commit to serving as a teacher upon completion of my Bachelor of Education studies at Kenyatta University for a period of 5 years.

I come from Kiambu County, Limuru Constituency, Tigoni Sub-county in Ndeiya village. I commit to teaching anywhere that the Teachers Service Commission deploys me within the country.

I promise to comply with this commitment and I understand that failure to do so will lead to full recovery of the sponsorship amount by the Teachers Service Commission.

John Doe

Email: [email protected]

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways when writing your commitment letter to TSC:

Include all key components

  • Personal details
  • Course details
  • Clear commitment statement

Check requirements

  • Commitment duration (5+ years)
  • Regions you can work

Use formal language

  • Avoid casual language
  • Be truthful


  • Check for errors
  • Verify details

I hope this breakdown gives you a good foundation on how to write an effective commitment letter to the Teachers Service Commission. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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