How to Recharge & Check Balance on Airtel MiFi Kenya

How to Recharge & Check Balance on Airtel MiFi Kenya

Are you using an Airtel MiFi device in Kenya and need to keep track of your data and airtime balance? Worry not, as we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to check your balance on Airtel MiFi.

Whether you’re using the Airtel Vida M2 MiFi or any other compatible device, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to ensure you’re always in the know. Let’s get started!

Recharging Your Airtel MiFi in Kenya

Before diving into balance checking, it’s essential to know how to recharge your Airtel MiFi device. After all, an adequately topped-up MiFi means you can enjoy seamless internet connectivity. Here are various methods to recharge your Airtel MiFi:

  1. Buy Airtime: Start by purchasing airtime for your Airtel MiFi from any Airtel shop or authorized retailer. Alternatively, you can use Airtel Money for a convenient digital recharge option.
  2. Dial 130PIN#: Once you have the airtime, simply dial 130PIN# from your Airtel line to recharge your MiFi device.
  3. My Airtel App: Airtel offers the user-friendly “My Airtel App,” available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. Install the app and follow the prompts to recharge your MiFi.
  4. Web Management Interface: For certain MiFi devices like the Airtel Vida M2 MiFi, there’s a web management interface accessible through your browser using the IP address “”. This interface allows you to check both data and airtime balances and recharge your device with ease.

Remember, the recharge process may vary depending on the specific model of your MiFi device. Refer to the user manual or reach out to Airtel customer care for any further assistance.

How to Check Balance on Airtel MiFi Kenya

Now that you’ve successfully recharged your Airtel MiFi, let’s explore the different methods to check your balance and ensure you never run out of data or airtime:

  1. Dial 1754: One of the simplest ways to check your MiFi data balance is by dialing 1754 from your Airtel line. This USSD code will display your remaining data balance.
  2. My Airtel App: Utilize the “My Airtel App” once again to conveniently check your data balance. The app provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring your data usage.
  3. Web Management Interface: Access the web management interface of your MiFi device through your browser using the respective IP address. You’ll find the balance checker for data and airtime on this page for certain devices like the Airtel Vida M2 MiFi.

To check your remaining data balance instantly, you can also dial 544. Additionally, for a more streamlined experience, consider registering your alternative number on the Airtel Kenya website. This allows you to check your balance and purchase bundles for your device with ease.

Remember, staying on top of your data and airtime balances ensures a smooth online experience and helps you avoid any unexpected interruptions.

In Conclusion

Using your Airtel MiFi device in Kenya has never been more convenient with these simple balance checking methods at your disposal.

Whether you prefer the quick USSD code dialing, the user-friendly My Airtel App, or exploring the web management interface, you can now effortlessly monitor your data and airtime usage.

Don’t let your data run low and leave you disconnected when you need it most. Take advantage of these balance checking options and enjoy a seamless browsing experience with your Airtel MiFi device.

Now, go forth and browse the internet with the confidence of a seasoned Airtel MiFi user! Happy surfing!



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