Latest On NHIF Payment Categories

Latest On NHIF Payment Categories

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Kenya has different payment categories and covers. Members are required to make monthly contributions, and hospitals are grouped into categories A, B, and C. Category A hospitals offer comprehensive inpatient cover, including maternity and surgical services, with no additional payments required on admission. Category B includes faith-based and medium-cost hospitals, while category C comprises high-cost private hospitals.

The monthly contribution for self-employed members is KES 500, and existing members are also required to pay the same amount monthly.

The payable premium for NHIF cover is KES 6,000 per year, and self-employed members can choose to pay monthly installments of KES 500 before the 9th of every month.

Members who default for more than 12 months will be treated as new entrants and can reactivate their cover by paying KES 1,500, which will act as their three months’ contribution.

Understand these categories and payment requirements to make informed decisions about NHIF coverage.

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