New Updated Loop Tariff

New Updated Loop Tariff

Experience smarter banking and maximize your savings with Loop’s updated tariff. Send money, make payments, and deposit funds affordably. Upgrade to the new Loop tariff today.

Deposit Funds for Free

New Updated Loop Tariff

Depositing cash into your Loop account via PayBill number 714777 is now free. You can deposit any amount from Ksh 100 to 100,000 without any fees.

Saving on deposit fees allows you to grow your account balance faster. You can also top up for free via:

  • EFT, RTGS or PesaLink bank transfers
  • CDM machines at NCBA branches
  • Over the counter deposits at NCBA branches

Affordable Payment Rates

New Updated Loop Tariff

Loop makes payments more affordable. All Buy Goods Till transactions are completely free.

For PayBill transactions above Ksh 3,500, you now get the lowest rates. This gives you the best value when paying bills and merchants.

Send Money at the Lowest Rates

Transferring money is now cheaper with Loop’s updated tariff.

To Mobile Money, you only pay Ksh 6 to 48 based on amount. EFT, RTGS and PesaLink rates are a flat Ksh 60 regardless of amount.

These are the most competitive send money rates available. You save more on every transaction.

Benefits of the New Loop Tariff

With Loop’s updated tariff, you get:

  • Zero deposit fees to grow your account faster
  • Lower payment rates for better value on transactions
  • The lowest send money rates in Kenya
  • More savings and discounted fees on all services
  • Increased loan limit as you transact more

Maximize your savings and upgrade to the new Loop tariff today. Experience smarter banking that helps your money go further.

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