Kenyan Passport Tracking: Check Status Online or via SMS

Kenyan Passport Tracking How to Check Status Online or via SMS

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives, making everything more convenient and accessible. And that includes the process of obtaining and tracking your Kenyan passport.

Thanks to the Kenyan government’s commitment to technology adoption, the passport application and processing system has undergone a significant transformation. This digital revolution has not only saved time but also eliminated the notorious queues at Nyayo House.

With the introduction of Kenyan passport tracking, you can now check your passport application’s progress without the need for a physical visit to the immigration office.

Technology has truly come to the rescue, making it easier for Kenyan residents and those in the diaspora to keep a close eye on their passport applications’ status.

In this guide, we’ll explore the various methods available for Kenyan passport tracking, whether it’s through SMS, the eCitizen portal, or the Posta delivery portal.

SMS Passport Tracking

One of the most convenient options for tracking your Kenyan passport application is through SMS. The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity – no need for an internet connection, just your mobile device and a mobile carrier.

Regardless of your phone’s make or model, you can easily check your passport’s status.

To use the SMS tracking service, follow these steps:

  1. Open the messages app on your mobile phone and create a new message.
  2. In the recipient space, enter ‘2032’ and type in the tracking number issued when you submitted your documents.
  3. Once you’ve verified that all the information is correct, hit the send button.

You’ll receive a text message indicating whether your document is ready for collection or still in processing.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance, you can use the same code to request help from the immigration department in Kenya. The best part is that each SMS sent costs just Ksh.5.

eCitizen Passport Tracking

In today’s digital age, all passport applications in Kenya are done online. After successfully applying and creating an account on the eCitizen portal, you can track the status of your document with ease. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to eCitizen and navigate to the Directorate of Immigration.
  2. On the dashboard, you’ll find the status of your application (if you’ve already applied). Common statuses include ‘accepted,’ ‘rejected,’ or ‘ready for collection.’

The best thing about this method is that it’s free of charge, allowing you to check your application’s progress as frequently as you like. No need to worry about additional costs.

Using for Passport Tracking

The Directorate of Immigration in Kenya has recently collaborated with Posta to facilitate passport delivery across the country. This partnership has opened up the possibility of tracking your document via the Posta website. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the booking and collection portal on
  2. Enter your 10-digit tracking number.
  3. Click on ‘track my passport.’

The Posta tracking portal will display a page showing your application’s progress. This collaborative effort between the Directorate of Immigration and Posta has made it even more convenient for Kenyans to keep track of their passports.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Kenyan Passport?

One common question that arises when it comes to passport applications is, “How long does it take to get a Kenyan passport?”

Ideally, it should take at least ten working days to receive your first passport once you’ve physically submitted your form at the Immigration offices.

However, it’s worth noting that some applicants have reported longer wait times, sometimes extending to two months. It’s always a good practice to apply for your passport well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Where Can Kenyans in the Diaspora Apply for Passports?

If you’re a Kenyan living in the diaspora and need to apply for a passport, you can do so at various foreign missions.

These missions are located in major cities such as London, Washington DC, Berlin, Pretoria, Dubai, and Paris. The convenience of applying for your passport abroad means you don’t have to travel back to Kenya for this process.

What Is the Validity Period for a Kenyan Passport?

Kenyan passports have a validity period of ten years.

However, if your passport runs out of space for visas or becomes damaged, you’ll need to obtain a new one.

Always keep an eye on your passport’s expiration date to avoid any travel inconveniences.

How Much Will I Pay for a Kenyan Passport?

The cost of obtaining a Kenyan passport depends on the type you need. A 32-page passport costs Sh4,550, while a 50-page passport costs Sh6,050.

It’s essential to ensure you have the correct fee and documents before applying to avoid any complications.

How Strong Is the Kenyan Passport?

You might be wondering about the strength of the Kenyan passport when it comes to international travel. The Kenyan passport is currently ranked 64th among global passports, according to the Global Ranking Index. This ranking determines the number of countries Kenyan passport holders can enter visa-free or with visa-on-arrival.

Are Kenyan Passports Biometric?

Yes, modern Kenyan passports are equipped with various biometric features in compliance with digitization requirements. These passports include the holder’s biometric data, such as fingerprints, digitally stored photos, and signatures. The inclusion of biometric features enhances security and helps in preventing passport fraud.

Which Is the Strongest Passport in the World?

If you’re curious about the most potent passport in the world, it belongs to Japanese passport holders. Japanese passport holders have the privilege of traveling to 193 nations either visa-free or with visa-on-arrival. This makes the Japanese passport one of the most powerful for international travel.


In conclusion, Kenyan passport tracking has become incredibly easy, thanks to the various methods available. Whether you prefer SMS tracking, utilizing the eCitizen portal, or using the Posta delivery portal, these options eliminate the need for physical visits to immigration offices.

The convenience of these tracking methods reflects the Kenyan government’s commitment to making essential services more accessible to its citizens.

So, go ahead and track your passport application to stay updated on its progress, and remember to keep your passport safe once you receive it – it’s your key to exploring the world!

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