How To Do a TSC Swap Transfer Online FAST

How To Do a TSC Swap Transfer Online FAST

To apply for a TSC swap transfer online, you can follow these steps:

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  1. Visit the TSC Website: Go to the TSC website ( and click on “Online Services”, click on “HRMIS-Teacher” then select “Teacher Transfer”.
  2. Enter Your Details: Enter your TSC Number, ID Number, and Mobile Number, and click “Login”.
  3. Receive Authorization Code: A six-digit authorization code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the code and click “Login”.
  4. Submit Transfer Request: On successful login, the system will detect if you are a primary or post-primary teacher. Click “Submit a Request for Transfer” to proceed.
  5. Enter Details and Declaration: Enter all the required details and check the declaration box.
  6. Check Transfer Status: You can monitor the status of your application online by logging into your account. The Commission will also send a response via email.

Here is the TSC online transfer application link:

The TSC has digitized its services, making the transfer application process easier and eliminating the need for manual forms.

Teachers can now easily apply for transfers online through the TSC E-platform.

The process involves entering personal details, receiving an authorization code, and submitting the transfer request.

A swap transfer works like a replacement, where a teacher in one county can find another teacher willing to move from another county.

This process allows teachers to seek transfer opportunities within and outside counties.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the TSC website and the provided links for a step-by-step guide and the TSC online transfer portal.

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