Latest Info on C1 to C2 Promotion in TSC

Latest Info on C1 to C2 Promotion in TSC

The promotion from Grade C1 to Grade C2 in the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is a significant milestone for primary school teachers. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the promotion process, including eligibility criteria, benefits, and the competitive nature of the promotion.

C1 to C2 Promotion in TSC Eligibility Criteria

Primary school teachers seeking promotion from Grade C1 to Grade C2 must meet specific requirements. According to the TSC guidelines, the following criteria must be fulfilled for the promotion:

  1. Service Duration: Teachers must have served for at least three years in Grade C1.
  2. Qualifications: The minimum qualification required for promotion to Grade C2 is a Diploma.

C1 to C2 Promotion Process

The promotion from Grade C1 to Grade C2 is subject to availability of vacancies and is competitive in nature. Teachers are required to apply online when TSC makes an advertisement for the promotion. The application process includes submitting the necessary documentation to demonstrate eligibility for the promotion.

C1 to C2 Promotion in TSC Salary and Allowances

Upon promotion to Grade C2, primary school teachers are entitled to a higher basic pay and additional allowances compared to Grade C1. The following table outlines the salary scale and allowances for Grades B5, C1, and C2:

GradeTSC ScaleBasic Pay MinimumBasic Pay MaximumCommuter AllowanceDisability Guide AllowanceAnnual Leave Allowance

Challenges and Discrepancies

Despite the promotion guidelines, there have been instances of discrepancies in the promotion process, such as P1 teachers with degrees being deployed to secondary schools and promoted from C1 to C2 without undergoing the standard promotion procedures.

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The promotion from Grade C1 to Grade C2 is a significant career advancement for primary school teachers in the TSC. It offers increased remuneration and additional benefits, making it a highly sought-after opportunity.

However, challenges and discrepancies in the promotion process highlight the need for transparency and adherence to the established guidelines.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the promotion process, eligibility criteria, salary scale, and challenges associated with the promotion from C1 to C2 in the TSC.

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